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Introducing the Neogrips "XL"!!!

  • Neogrips "XL" Tattoo Machine Grips
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Designed For Comfort

Sizes For Any Tattoo Machine

With inside diameters ranging from
19mm to 38m there is a grip for any tattoo machine you work with.
No matter the size of your tattoo machine, NeoGrips will fit in your
hand the same every time!

Easy Sterilization

With the ability to withstand temperatures of
up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, NeoGrips can be sterilized in an Autoclave along with all your other parts. You can also sterilize with chemicals like alcohol or
any disinfectant you desire!

Smaller Grips For Apple Pencils

With a smaller design, Neogrips Apple Pencil Grip allows for an equally comfortable experience while sketching images on your tablet or on paper!