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Lariyah Perrin

Elgin, Illinois

- black and gray realism, portrait
-Born and raised in Poland, moved to the USA as a 20 year old student of architecture. After being involved in a tragic an accident in 2015 that took 3 lives, her dominant, right hand was severed by a glass window. After long and complex surgery it was surgically reconstructed, but given no chance of movement. With her stubbornness and belief, as well as insane amout of rehabilitation, against all odds, today Lariyah is tattooing 5 and a half years with the same hand, spreading the word of never giving up.
Photo credit : Lauren Ashley Studios

Xavier O. Rieche


Started tattooing in 2007. Always leaned towards pop culture based art. Anime, Comics, Movies, etc…

Heavily influenced by graphic colorful and bold styles. Also, loves to do heavy contrasting black and grey tattooing. 
Went to art school for animation. But, quickly realized it wasn’t or him. Shifted gears and realized he’s always loved tattoos. Got his first tattoo at the very young age of 12. With a homemade machine. And, never really stopped. After realizing that this was what he truly wanted to do. Became an apprentice. And, started his long venture into the tattoo world. 

Now he is a multi award winning artist. That continues to learn and build upon his skill sets daily. Never running from a challenge. Fully engulfing himself in what he’s loved doing since a young age.
Now 17 years + in this industry. Creating art and placing it on a person that proudly wears it. 

Stiven Gomez

Stiven Gómez was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1997. Throughout his life, Stiven has always been fascinated by the artistic world, this resulted in him
naturally being attracted to the world of tattooing. His interest was cultivated during his adolescence, and developed much more when Pedro Zarate (tattoo artist) crossed his artistic path, thus becoming his mentor and starting a new stage in the tattoo scene. Later he took the initiative to acquire advanced knowledge in artistic techniques
through academies which would reinforce all his dedication to art, this being a great point of progress in his path as a tattoo artist.
Following this, he decides to leave his parents' house to live alone and with this start his own tattoo shop currently known as Bonsai Tattoo. As time went by, he began to immerse himself more and more in
the Tattoo scene, surrounding himself with people who were attracted to the artistic world and just as he did with him, he decided to support them and teach them what he knew. He currently has more than 8 years of experience in the world of tattooing and stands out in various styles such as blackwork, neotraditional, anime, minimal and shadows. In his career he is trying to develop a graphic line, but everything has been an artistic process of a lot of effort, love and work.

Nick Amaya


Colombian born tattoo artist with 10 years of experience, Nick has been tattooing and traveling all around the world trying to make something unique and different, with his own style called NICKOLLAGE, which is a mix of different tattoo and painting techniques ending in something
abstract, surrealistic and colorful. 

Nick Bennett


Owner of The Salty Sailor Tattoo Co. in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Nick tattoos all around the country at conventions and guest spots at different shops as well! Specializing in traditional tattooing but
enjoys doing most styles!


IG and TikTok - @3Darkwolvestattoo

Proud owner of a Sacred Art in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. With a love for intricate designs and a keen eye for detail, Tony specializes in Black Work, Gothic Style, Floral, and Ornamental Tattoos. His unique aesthetic has garnered a dedicated
following in the industry. 

Outside of the studio, you'll often find Tony hitting the open road on his motorcycle, exploring the scenic routes of Florida, going on camping
trips for much needed grounding time and catching heavy metal shows.

Adrián García


Florida based artist with more than 10 years of experience in the tattoo industry. Adrian has worked and perfected styles such as Polynesian (tribal), black and gray or color Realism. He is currently located in the city of Orlando Fl, Working in his private studio called Black Borneo Tattoo Studio. The evolution of his work has led him to venture into the otaku world where he has become a great admirer of anime culture, taking his tattoos to the next level.

Jaquelyn Puma

Based in Ft. lauderdale, FL, JPuma has been a tattoo artist since 2019. Her tattoo career focus is primarily black and grey work, pointillism, sacred geometry, and her fascination with illustrative line work.

Joshua Barrett


With over 16+ years of experience as a Tattoo Artist, Joshua has honed his skills and become a true expert in the field. Throughout his career, Joshua has had the incredible opportunity to travel the world, showcasing his unique talent as an artist. His specialization lies in Traditional, Full Color, and Pop Culture Tattooing, where he brings his creativity and passion to every piece he create. Whether it's a classic design that embraces the rich heritage of tattoo art or a vibrant and bold piece inspired by the latest trends in pop culture, Joshua strives to deliver exceptional and personalized tattoos for his clients. Trust Joshua to bring your vision to life and create a work of art that you can proudly wear for a lifetime.

Bobby Douglas 

IG:@bobbydouglastattoos TikTok:@dobbybouglas 

Frequently traveling and following the Villain Arts Tattoo conventions. Currently tattooing on Long Island NY. Specializing in pop culture, anime, neo traditional and cover ups.

Star Santos

Star Santos is the owner of Kaiju Tattoo in Houston, Texas. She began her tattoo journey at the young age of 19 and now, with just over 10 years of experience, Star specializes in anime, science fiction horror, floral and kawaii styled tattoos. She enjoys tattooing in color but also has the same love for black and grey. Star gets her inspiration from nature, science fiction, horror, personal hobbies and manga art. When she is not tattooing, you can find her watching scary movies or traveling the country with her photographer husband and 2 Siberian huskies.