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NeoGrips USA

NeoGrips Slim Pencil Grips

NeoGrips Slim Pencil Grips

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Slimmer Design with the same function as our original NeoGrips Pencil grips. Our Apple pencil grips are designed for any generation of Apple pencil, along with most thicker pencils, pens and paint brushes! Our Pens/Pencil grips are made with an inside diameter that is a perfect fit for most pens, No. 2 pencils, color pencils and paint brushes! And Our Grips for Fine Paint brushes are perfect for those skinny paint brushes, as well as for hand poke needles! NeoGrips Slim Pencil Grips are perfect for everyone from Digital designers to young children!

Outside Diameter - 24mm(corner to corner)/21mm

Height - 50mm


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